July 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

Well its certainly been a busy couple of months. As of May, 2012, I have fully completed my Master’s requirements at San Jose State University, and have been conferred my degree as of June. Now on to the job market!

However, I still have been quite busy with other projects of which I will mention a few. Of course, I have continued to work on Gilded Empire the article, but it has taken somewhat of a back seat to other projects that I have been working on.

First, for several months now I have been working with Dr. Margo McBane of San Jose State University on two of her projects – “Before Silicon Valley: A Migrant Path to Mexican American Civil Rights,” A project funded by the National Endowement for the Humanities and “Los Olvidados/The Forgotten Ones: The History of Mexicans in Santa Clara Valley, 1920-1960,” a project of “From Cherries to Chips.” This has involved the transcription, contextualization and summarization of oral histories conducted over the past couple years with Chicanos and Mexican-Americans who have lived and witnessed the transition of what is now called Silicon Valley from its agricultural roots. As the two titles imply, these projects seek to understand the communities which would come to form a community resevoir for another significant historical moment, the Chicano Civil Rights Movement.

Also, I recently was invited to do a guest posting on the Society of United States Intellectual History blog (S-USIH). Naturally I chose to write some thoughts on the Golden Jubilee as well as the idea of collective identity.

In regards to this blog, much more is to come in the recent months, including more sources, histories, and essays. My first goal will be to finish out the expanded historiography and continue the discussion on key terms and theories.


Finals Week!

December 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Time to Re-engage with Reality

As finals week approaches, the pressure has begun to close in. Unfortunately the blog has suffered of late. However, since much of this blog was mirrored in what I produced for grading, there will be plenty of material to be posted soon.

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