My name is Mark Robertson. I am currently an independent historian focusing on Western American and California history.

At SJSU I studied under, Prof. Ruma Chopra, Prof. Glen Gendzel, and Prof. Patricia Hill, who providing unquestionable leadership. Prior to SJSU, I studied the “History of the Americas and Africa” at the University of California, Santa Cruz, more specifically, under Prof. Lisbeth Haas & Prof. Mathew Lasar.

Contact Avenues:

Vitae Profile



Educational Background:

  • MA, American History – San Jose State University (2012)
  • BA, Cum Laude, History of the Americas – University of California, Santa Cruz (2009)
  • AA, Liberal Arts – Columbia Community College (2007)

Graduate Seminar Research:

  • “California’s Golden Jubilee: Commemoration, Boosterism, and The City Beautiful” (2011) – Patricia Hill, Ph. D., Seminar in Modern Urban American History (SJSU)
  • “Ebenezer Parkman: Religious Labor, the Wilderness, & Declension” (2010) – Ruma Chopra, Ph. D., Seminar in Early American Labor (SJSU)
  • “Emma Willard: Historical Education & National Identity in the Nineteenth-Century” (2010) – Allison Katsev, Ph. D., Seminar in Early Modern Nationalism (SJSU)

Undergraduate Research:

  • “The Puritan Wilderness: New England Puritanism and Vacant Land” (2009) – Marilyn Westerkamp, Ph. D., Seminar in Early American Religion (UCSC)
  • “Anglicizing Sonora in the California Gold Rush” (2009) – Lisbeth Haas, Ph. D., Seminar in Early American History


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