Academia and the Real World

December 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

Well it has been some time since my last post. However, this is not for the lack of effort as I have been very busy with the real jobs I have gotten since receiving my degree. However, let me introduce some of the projects I am currently working on as a substitute for substantive posts on San Francisco.

First, I have been given a position as a Library Page/Librarian Assistant at the California Room at San Jose Public Library in California. Many changes will in fact be coming to the California Room as a new Librarian has been appointment with a new plan for outreach to the broader public (academic and popular).

WestoftheWestSecond, I have opened a Google+ Community on California History. I have, as my regular readers might know, have an active presence on Twitter as a member of the #Twitterstorians (under @Calhistorian). The Twitter format however has limited my attempt at creating a social media community focused on California history. My Google+ Community, I hope, will fill this void that I feel. Maybe its simply that those interested in California history are not as web-savy as others, like the Civil War community for instance, but I have a hard time believing this as fact.

Lastly, and more personally, I have been having a rewarding time at a local tutor center, Academic Trainers, in Menlo Park, CA. This has allowed me to not only hone my skills as an educator in history, but along many other subjects as well. The kids have been wonderful.

Gilded Empire still lives on however, and will be updated with new posts shortly. I have been working privately on a complete reformulation of the print version of Gilded Empire and have subsequently made some dramatic changes to my approach. This new approach will be apparent soon as I post these new ideas over the coming months. Christmas vacation, I hope, will provide me with much needed free time to begin this process.


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